The AITreatment™ software brings the concept of the white board to a digital level.

Treat With Care

Medical records are the heart of AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™. AITreatment™ is just one more way that AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ offers TRUE electronic medical records (EMR) that are integrated into all areas of your practice. Our AITreatment™ software consists of both treatment and order sheets all in one!

A young vet giving a dog a checkup in a vet’s office

For the Doctors

Doctors can create new orders either from a customized list or develop new orders on the fly. Orders are comprehensive – giving periodicity, special instructions, etc. The confusion of handwritten orders is eliminated to ensure order and treatment accuracy. Each doctor can have his or her own orders, tailored to how he or she practices. All patient orders can be viewed for a 24-hour period in 60-minute increments thus increasing patient treatment synergy between shifts.

For the Technicians

Technicians can see all orders needed by location at every AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ workstation, The easy-to-view format assures that technicians can see all treatments at a glance. When a technician completes a treatment, the results are entered automatically in the patient’s TRUE electronic medical record. AITreatment™ eliminates double entry and missed charges and assures coordination among staff on treatments. When a treatment is completed, it is marked as completed, results are entered in the records and placed on the Flow Sheet for quick viewing, and billable items are placed on the invoice. The AITreatment™ sheet can be printed, if needed.

A member of clinic staff maintaining electronic records for a veterinary clinic

For the Hospital

The AITreatment™ software increases your practice profits. Missed charges are significantly reduced, time is saved by the elimination of double entry, communication among medical staff is improved, and medical care is integrated across the practice over time. If desired, it can be projected onto a white board for traditional viewing. Orders can also be assigned to various departments or areas, allowing those areas or departments to filter out other areas and see only their respective orders.