Animal Intelligence™ Training Solutions

Training Programs

Our training department personnel are ready to train your staff on both the basic and advanced features of all our products. Our training will give you a more complete understanding of our products and how to properly and efficiently maintain records. By attending our training, you will be able to use AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ and our modules to their maximum capabilities to reduce time, costs, and increase overall efficiency. We have discovered that most practices are not using even 30% of the capabilities of AI products.

Our training programs can accommodate any size and type of practice or personnel scope of work. AIS training staff are experts in producing training programs for all sizes of facilities, including large multi-specialty, government facilities and universities. We strongly recommend coming to our training center to learn AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ in a positive and uninterrupted educational environment. AIS staff also offer customized on-site training at your clinic. In addition, online webinar training and phone training are also offered as economical alternatives.

Basic and Advanced Training

• Offers you an expanded, but basic understanding of AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ as well as advanced training with tools like the report generator and macros.
• Allows you to take full advantage of AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ by maximizing and customizing the program for your practice
• Customized training to meet your needs for your practice!
• You will learn how to create macros that decrease the time it takes to make medical records from an hour to a matter of minutes.

Advanced Macro Training

• Offers you advanced training on the technical and design aspects of macros.
• Go through several practical tutorials to test your knowledge.
• Talk to our macro specialists and learn the tips and tricks of the trade…
• Learn and discuss how to build and organize macros effectively for your practice!

Online Webinars

• We offer monthly topics on a variety of features found within AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™. These webinars will help familiarize you with specific AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ topics.

Practice Management Training

• Get the tips and tricks from experts in the business and veterinary field
• Learn to increase your practice’s efficiency
• Take your business to the next level and learn how to apply revolutionary concepts like Lean Six Sigma
• After training, watch as the inefficiencies in your practice go down and the profit goes up!