Online Webinars

Training Consultants for the Business Professional

Continuing education is a part of the veterinary industry. AIS, Inc. is a learning organization and encourages continuing education in AIGalaxy™ and AIGenesis™ to maximize the benefits to your practice. We know time and money are valuable commodities in any business; therefore, we are now offering an even more affordable AI training option: Online learning!

Webinar trainings are now available to teach your staff multiple aspects of AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™. Topics include searching medical records (data mining), appointment scheduling, creating custom headers and footers in the communication center, reversing invoices, and more! These webinars offer the opportunity for your entire staff to be trained on specific AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ functions.

We understand staff turnover impacts business efficiency, and training is a big factor, especially related to learning software. Our goal is to provide professional, affordable, quality training to improve overall efficiency of AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ in your practice. Once your staff has registered and paid for the designated webinar, we will email you instructions with a login session key and a conference number to call on the day of the training. Simply go online, enter the session key, call the conference number, and you can receive training! Our trainers will teach on the specified topics and have time for questions at the end.

Online webinars give us the opportunity to provide your entire clinic with AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ training and save money! Sign up today!

Webinar Agenda and Costs

A typical webinar is 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Once you or your group are registered for a particular course, we will send you an email with the login details to join the webinar.

The cost for webinars is $75 per person/per session. For groups of 5 or more participants, contact us to receive a special group rate.

Note : Prices, course descriptions, topics, and dates are subject to change at any time.


This training with the AIS team was beneficial to me and will be a great help to our practice. I would definitely recommend the training to co-workers. Coming to the office and learning the ‘why’ behind the reports and macros has helped further my understanding in how to use the AI™ program more completely as a whole. Thank you very much!

Misty - Receptionist

You all could not have been any nicer or any more accommodating. All of my needs were met and I felt very comfortable. It was the perfect learning environment. The staff is all great! Kudos to the training team, I don’t think my brain could have been filled with any more useful information! I’m excited to take it all back with me and start applying it!

Jennifer - Administrator

I would suggest AI training to anyone who is looking to improve the efficiency of their hospital. The AI staff give many ideal scenarios of ways to simplify day to day operations and help you make those changes. After going through training you leave with a confidence that you can implement new ideas. The staff here is very friendly and teach the material at a pace you can understand.

Kara - Supervisor

As the administrator of a referral emergency practice, I have had very limited exposure to the AI program, and was apprehensive about how I could help our practice benefit by advancing my knowledge and training. However, after completing both the basic and the advanced courses, I feel that I can help make AI a stronger component of our operations. AI is a powerful program that, when utilized to its potential, can make our practice much more efficient and profitable. It can be a bit intimidating early on, but the AIS Team have exceptional instructors with complete command of the program and it’s potential. They made it easy and fun to learn.

Nancy - Administrator

Basic and Advanced Training

• Offers you an expanded, but basic understanding of AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ as well as advanced training with tools like the report generator and macros.
• Allows you to take full advantage of AIGalaxy™ or AIGenesis™ by maximizing and customizing the program for your practice
• Customized training to meet your needs for your practice!
• You will learn how to create macros that decrease the time it takes to make medical records from an hour to a matter of minutes.

Advanced Macro Training

• Offers you advanced training on the technical and design aspects of macros.
• Go through several practical tutorials to test your knowledge.
• Talk to our macro specialists and learn the tips and tricks of the trade…
• Learn and discuss how to build and organize macros effectively for your practice!

Practice Management Training

• Get the tips and tricks from experts in the business and veterinary field
• Learn to increase your practice’s efficiency
• Take your business to the next level and learn how to apply revolutionary concepts like Lean Six Sigma
• After training, watch as the inefficiencies in your practice go down and the profit goes up!