Online Webinars

Webinar Agenda and Costs

A typical webinar is 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Once you or your group are registered for a particular course, we will send you an email with the login details to join the webinar.

The cost for webinars is $75 per person/per session. For groups of 5 or more participants, contact us to receive a special group rate.

Note : Prices, course descriptions, topics, and dates are subject to change at any time.

Topic #1: Credit Card Processing

AI Software has the ability to process credit card transactions straight from the software. Learn how to set up your system with an account and how to effectively use this feature with your processes.

Topic #2: Appointment Scheduler: Creating Appointment Books and Templates 

Learn how to create appointment books, templates, and schedules that are fully customized to your practice. After this webinar, you will know how to create custom appointment templates, create and modify new books, and replicate them over a long date range.

Topic #3: Labels: How to Configure and Modify Label Settings 

Learn how to modify label settings so printing operations run smoothly. Learn how to set label margins, select printers, and customize layouts for various types of labels in AI Software. This webinar also covers some of the basic issues encountered when implementing different types of label printers.

Topic #4: Macros: Basic Macro Maintenance, Editing, and Testing 

Start with the basics! Learn how to create or modify macros to meet your needs and increase income. You will learn the basics of macros and how to implement them in your practice.

Topic #5: Inventory: Planning and Implementing Central Supply in Your Practice 

Streamline your inventory processes. Get accurate numbers of items in stock, prevent profit losses, and learn how to plan, implement, and use Central Supply to increase profits.

Topic #6: A Modules: Improving Use of AILablinx™

Learn the nuances that can simplify work processes. Learn how AILabLinx™ integrates into records and troubleshooting techniques.

Topic #7: Practice Management: How to Familiarize New Staff with AI Software 

Learn to power-train new staff on AI Software. Minimize training time, keep procedures standardized, and reduce errors.

Topic #8: Power of AI Software: Increasing Return on Investment (ROI) 

AI Software users can increase profits by using the specific profit-improving features. Learn how!

Topic #9: AI Maintenance: Understanding AI Configuration and User Settings 

Eliminate errors and manage any practice or user changes to maintain data integrity.

Topic #10: Communication Center: Create Professional Communications & Instructions 

AI Software can customize all communication pieces that are specific to how your practice works. Learn how to create client instructions, drug sheets, and more to increase profits and market share.

Topic #11: Advanced Reporting 

Learn how to create advanced reports, import reports into Excel, and other advanced reporting features.

Topic #12: Designing Effective Medical Records in AI Software 

Increase profits and decrease staff time with more efficient records. Learn how to design effective, fast, and efficient records that meet integrated care objectives and practice standards.

Topic #13: AI Modules: Improving Use of AITreatment™

AITreatment™ is a powerful module that fully integrates treatments into all areas of AI Software. Learn how to effectively use AITreatment™ and find the special features that save time and increase profits.

Topic #14: Basic Reporting 

Review the basic terminology of the report generator and learn the purpose of each button and field.

Topic #15: How to incorporate CUBEX with AI Software 

Our new integration with Cubex® will make it easy to automatically track pharmacy charges. Learn how this feature improves your processes and increases your revenue.